Tsunagu Wall


Tsunagu wall

It all started when I happened across an amazing oak tree in 2001, that was nearly 7 feet in diameter, that had been discarded with other rubbish and construction debris in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The idea of this root and its connection inspired me to create something that would be like a root between people— a connection built by 1,500 people from around the world who built a physical wall with what ranged from small debris to their treasures and mementos. Though named as a “wall,” Tsunage Wall - Kabe is made to connect people. The wall is still alive, and the connections it made are still strong, constantly growing and evolving to unite more people as they move around the world, with original bricks from my original project in 2002, Cityroot.

Tsunage Wall - Kabe, also known as Wall of Connections, is an ongoing project since 2004.