Photo by Julia Blaukopf


Leeway Foundation

ARTE FUSE, (Interview with Keiko Miyamori by Nick Rogers, 2016)

Toshiharu Omuka, (Surface of Being 2015), Professor, University of Tsukuba 

Charles Nordlander, (Birdcage and Gilded Boat 2011) 

Benjamin Morse, (Keiko Miyamori 2012)

Howard E. SmithAuthor of "An Oak Tree Dies and a Journey Begin"  

Winifred Lutz, Artist

Dr. Rose Lee Hayden, International Consultant/Writer

Benjamin Morse, Philosopher

Toshiharu Omuka, (DIALOGOS 1996 - Conditions of Contemporaries)


I am conscious of the various surfaces that surround me.  Surfaces are clues to how I experience the world.  From them I become aware of the layer of existence I inhabit between layers of time and space.  I visualize the transparent yet conspicuous thickness around me and the countless waves that connect me.  Eventually, my surface links with other surfaces and I become part of a connection.  Feeling those connections permeates deeply into my being.

I like to imagine merging the conflicts of the world and creating some balance for the disconnected, distorted and cut off. Their layers of space need to be re-connected.  I use trees; trees on public or private land, in cities or forests, as reminders of our connections.

It can be a superficial world, but its surfaces lead to something more.  They provide an opportunity to think about the ways we are unified with our environment; allowing us to see that we exist in the space between and around other objects.  I think of people existing beyond their physical selves, where time and distance are less meaningful, and caring for the environment is synonymous with caring for others and ourselves.


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