Tsunagu-Book: My favorite Book    2009   Books, charcoal, washi paper on a wooden shelf (shelf  10" x 4.5" x 1")  Six hundred individuals lent their favorite book, then each book was covered with one of six hundred tree bark patterns created on washi paper (by charcoal-rubbed tree surfaces). The “favorite” books span generations, nationalities and borders. When the exhibition was over each book was sent back to the owner with my original cover and put back onto their bookshelves. 
  Tsunagu-Book: My favorite Book     Detail
  TSUNAGU-Root     2009  Resin, root, charcoal, washi paper  Approximately 2" x 11" x 14"  Every root are somewhat connected though the ground. As a metaphor of it, I placed a root in solid resin, then pasted various tree bark patterns (frottaged on washi paper), connected onto the wall.  
  Tsunagu-Book: My favorite Book     Detail
     Tsunagu -Wall   2004 - current   9' x 6.5' Multiple shelves, transparent boxes containing small objects  In 2001, I found an amazing oak tree, almost 7 feet across in diameter, which was uprooted and discarded with other construction debris in the city of Philadelphia. I store the pieces of bricks in a small transparent box, and gave to other people who live other city. In exchange, I received some small object which can be stored in the box. All together, I built the wall. This wall divide nothing, but connect. Thus, I named this wall: Tsunagu-Wall (Wall of Connections)  This wall is still changing and glowing by exchanging inside of the boxes.
  Tsunagu-Wall  Detail:  Wall is constructed by small piece of bricks in plastic box. The original bricks are from my City Root project (2002), some of the bricks were exchanged to other object from all over the world.
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